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It's True Romance Is Dead, I Shot It In The Chest Then In The Head
Hi my name is Hope and SUPERNATURAL FUCKING KILLED ME. I love Supernatural, Loki, Dean Winchester, Fall Out Boy, Tom Hiddleston, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hard rock (Guns N Roses yoooo), classic rock, and glam metal (especially Motley Crue). I talked to Nikki Sixx on the phone twice can I get a hell yeah. My former urls are mrslokilaufeyson and samanddeandriel. Patrick Stump + baby sidebar picture credit goes to ieronic.




mascara is supposed to make your eyes look bigger but a real beauty tip is having eyes at 9 in the afternoon



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Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans on The Avengers: Age Of Ultron set 

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hey guys, remember when we thought ‘is going to take forever until avengers 2’ and now we have so many news and photos? yeah, i want to cry

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Sebastian Stan at Jane Eyre New York Premiere  3/9/2011

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Richmond, VA Apr. 19 (source)

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Can we talk about how Cap and Bucky have opposite masks?

Cap has mouth and eyes exposed, forehead covered. Bucky has mouth covered and eyes painted black, his forehead exposed.

What a lovely symmetry.

But the symbolism too. Cap’s is a helmet, protection, to keep him safe from physical harm. Bucky’s is a muzzle to keep him silent and anonymous and on a leash.

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You have to pay attention to the moments when you’ve felt on top on the world. I remember the first time I was on stage, I was doing ‘West Side Story,’ I was 17 and this woman was crying because she liked what I was doing so much.

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so in case you haven’t been on tumblr awhile

  • hail hydra
  • it’s a metaphor
  • dean showers
  • cas and dean talk on the phone and it’s adorable
  • it’s all a metaphor
  • it’s all a fucking metaphor.
  • it’s all a goddamn metaphor.

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